Movie Star Homes

Aaron Spelling, one of the most prolific studio producers of our time built this home almost 18 years ago.  While only spending $50 million dollars to build the home, it is now recognized as the most expensive mansion in America with a going price of $150 million.  The Manor, as it’s called, comes with a bowling alley, a gift wrapping room and space to park over 100 cars.  This celebrity home is located in Holmby Hills, just two mansions away from the world famous Hugh Hefner Estate. *Tour guides may choose the homes shown on the tour.



City Tours

All of the City Tours are designed to give you the ultimate touring experience.  Stroll along Hollywood Walk of Fame, and see the hand prints and footprints of your favorite stars in front of the world famous Mann's Chinese Theater and while standing next to the Dolby Theater, imagine yourself pillowed between the golden statues of the Oscars.  Don't forget to smell the ocean breeze while traveling along California's coastal areas.  This is just a hint of the sites you'll see as you cruise through the exciting cities of Southern California!


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